Evolving human consciousness – a talk with ¿Téo? aka Mateo Arias

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We’ve had the pleasure to ask ¿Téo? aka Mateo Arias; hybrid creator, actor, rapper and producer – questions about life, creativity, Pleiadians and everything in between. Not too long ago ¿Téo? dropped ‘Uno Dos’ featuring good friend Jaden Smith.  ¿Téo? gives an authentic interview about the things that inspire and frustrate him: “from an an early age, we get hit with a million family, cultural, or systemic ideals that ultimately end up programming us to live life in a certain way”. Read our very interesting talk below and don’t forget to watch his video ‘Uno Dos’. 


Who are you not?
“I appreciate this question so much. Crazy, one of the women in my life I consider a second mom hit me with an epic quote once: you have to know who you’re not to know who you are. I go about my day living every moment as genuinely as possible. I don’t always agree with who I am all the time but I always allow myself to feel however I feel. I’m realizing everyday who I’m not by being who I am & I want the art I make to speak on who I’m not.”

Why do you do what you do?

“Honestly I wouldn’t have another reason to exist. If I’m not being creative I almost feel a sort of anxiety, knowing there’s so many feelings and thoughts that want to be expressed. Every time I expose myself to myself I rediscover qualities and reasons for why I do things the way I do. I’ve dedicated my life to elevating my experiences. In my artistry, in my relationships, towards myself and others, elevation is my life’s purpose.”

Can you tell us about the creative process of ‘Uno Dos’ – where were you when you made this, physically and mentally. 

“It was so spontaneous, I got a message from my guy Teo Halm with this instrumental and he said do whatever I want to it. I was playing around with ideas the day before leaving to Colombia. I remember laying down some percussion and a ruff, just “your scars show you signs, your loves only blind when you, lose track of time.” The beauty about art is often times you don’t immediately understand what your unconscious is trying to say. I’ve realized as a generation we’re tuned into authenticity and spontaneity. I was definitely going through some relationship issues, feeling a way about things that had happened and how they happened. I ended up in Colombia where I recorded most of the record, every time I go there the land fuels me with an extremely unique energy that I don’t fully understand yet. As soon as I get there I start writing and composing in a totally different manner. Reminds me of how important it is to journey and explore, externally and internally to places that are unfamiliar, they usually bring the most creativity out. Also I plan on dropping my project top of next year. I’m working on some exciting things right now.”

It seems like you and Jaden speak the same language. Can you describe what it’s like to be friends, work together and create together?

“J & I understand each other on a different plane. We met when I was 13 and we had a transitional phase where we evolved together, along with my brother Moises. We got into the same books & philosophies about outlandish shit that really got us into different ways of seeing things. We’ve always loved to create individually and together. We’d all make short films, music, and really just live life. And it’s just continued since then.”


What does MSFTSrep represent for you and what is your personal mission within this collective?

“MSFTSrep is a collective of individuals dedicating their lives to evolving human consciousness , relying on their own experience & intelligence to create Art and change. In whatever way they seem fit. My personal mission is to express myself in the most genuine way possible, and inspire people to want to heighten the lifestyles and motives that have been passed down to us by people who didn’t have the same information we have available to us today. I want to create Art that reflects the times we’re living in and inspire the world and the people around me, to genuinely want to make a transition into a lighter era.”

Pleiadian Medicine, Pleiadian Message – we think both of these tracks are works of art. What do we need to know about Pleiadians?

“Why thank you. Everything I say about Pleiadian life forms and messages comes from books I’ve read, documentaries I’ve watched, and truthfully, an intuitive and common sense approach. Many people have had this realization; the cosmos is so spread and vast it’s pretty damn ignorant to believe nothing else out there exists. This is what I mean by common sense, in my opinion. I do feel connected to Pleiadian information for some reason. My “bullshit” detectors are pretty sharp and I take everything with a grain of salt, but the information I’ve exposed myself to makes me feel like there’s truth to the info they speak on and share. I feel like they aren’t the only life forms out there, I’ve heard rumors of several other kinds of species, but I say that in these times, where so much of what has been suppressed is bubbling to the surface, it’s important to keep an open mind and be available to what may be true or false. The individual ultimately decides what he/she lets into their realm. I truly don’t feel a need to hide from the Truth. What Is, Is. Who am I to fight it?”

Do you feel that music genres still matter in a time where cultures seem to blend so easily? 

“Every time someone asks me “what genre of music do you make?” It always throws me. I was born in Atlanta, GA, and raised in a pseudo-Colombian culture in Lawrenceville. Meaning all my uncles, cousins, relatives, mom & dad all Colombian. I didn’t speak English until I was about 4 or 5. I say this because I didn’t grow up listening just to American or English music. I had influences from several different areas of the world. This world is becoming smaller and more connected every day. Like Ye says in an interview somewhere: Fusion is the future. We’re bringing all sorts of genres, feelings, inspirations and fusing them into whatever feels coherent today. Genres to me are useful in terms of separating sounds to help curate a certain vibe. Other than that it’s getting difficult to describe some of the blends and choices these artists are making today. And truthfully I love it, we gotta pay attention to what feels right. Everything else is secondary to me.”

Why do you hate the subconscious rules of conduct?

“I see it in myself all the time. I feel like from an early age, we get hit with a million family, cultural, or systemic ideals that ultimately end up programming us to live life in a certain way. And most times we don’t even know it. So we end up acting out & repeating these patterns without ever realizing why we do things. I hate them because to this day, they make me react to situations without me wanting to react that way. But at least I see it in me and that’s the main step in transforming them.”

You’re an actor, musician and even create for MSFTS  – what connects all of these things for you? What is your common thread? 

“Whatever I do I always make sure I’m entirely invested in it. Whether it’s film, stitching, or composition. I feel like all of these things compliment each other. Ive actually pushed myself to make music as the character I’m playing in a film. It helps me develop a better story for the role. So many forms of expression are available today there’s no need to limit yourself to any one craft, unless you feel an unconditional connection to one form of creativity, which many of the greats embody.
For me I like diving into whatever is right in front of me totally. If I’m making music that’s all I’m doing and all of my time and efforts go towards creating sound. If it’s a film I invest time in the subject, or couture I’ll work until I feel satisfied.”

What do you want people to remember you by?

“I just want to leave a trail of inspiration. I want to feed the group mind the most honest part of myself and translate the experiences I’ve had into Art. I want be part of the reason why we’re thriving in 2080 . I know unimaginable events are yet to happen that are going to make this question way more clear and valid in the future. And vice versa I wanna remember a world that wanted to push forward and claimed responsibility for the situations we were faced with. I want the next generations to be able to take a leap into some heights and have all of our shoulders to stand on and add to. I want to do everything in my power to bring about a new vision for the future.”


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