Girl With the Pierced Eardrum


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With all the recent controversy surrounding Banksy and the hoax about his arrest, we have come up with what we think are 10 of Banksy’s greatest murals. Banksy was in the news recently because his identity had been revealed due to his arrest. It turned out to be a hoax because he put up the mural pictured above, titled The Girl With the Pierced Eardrum––a parody of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. Banksy is an anonymous street artist who uses graffiti to portray social and political commentary. 

10. At number ten we’ve picked “Choose Your Weapon,”  appeared in 2010 and located in Bermondsey, London combines Banksy’s recognizable style of street art with Keith Haring’s classic style, using Haring’s iconic dog drawing.


9.“Follow Your Dreams/Cancelled” appeared in Boston, Massachusetts in 2010 on a wall in the city’s Chinatown.

follow your dreams_banksy

8. “Ostrich CCTV” is on the wall of The National Gallery in Central London in 2011. One of our favourites because Banksy is a master in turning street objects into art objects.

cctv cranes_banksy

7. “Mobile Lovers” appeared in 2014 on Clement Street in Bristol, United Kingdom. A great artwork that defines the time we live in: connected and distracted.

cell phones

6. “Whitewashing Lascaux” appeared in the 2008 Cans Festival in London on Leake Street. The figures depicted in this piece resemble the primitive cave drawings in Lascaux, France.

lascaux copy_banksy

5. “Crazy Horses Riding Through the Lower East Side to a WikiLeaks Soundtrack” appeared in New York City’s Lower East Side in 2013. For this installation, Banksy painted on a van and a car. A 1-800 number that connects to a 39-minute recording of a 2007 airstrike in Baghdad accompanied this political piece.

horses copy

4. Originally a 24-year old piece by graffiti artist King Robbo along Regents Canal, North London––in 2009, Banksy caused trouble when he painted over it––one of the ultimate displays of disrespect in the street art community. King Robbo then responded by painting his name over what Banksy had done.


3. Located in San Francisco and appeared in 2010, “No Trespassing” is a reference to the original inhabitants of the U.S.

no trespassing copy

2. Now erased after being deemed racist and offensive, this mural was on a boat house in Clacton-on-sea in England in 2014.


1. At number 1 we’ve picked at piece that was found in April 2014 near Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters in Cheltenham, also known as the “Eavesdropping Mural.” Brilliant because of its location and again he made good use of surrounding objects, in this case communication technology.

banksy phone tapping

We can’t wait for Banksy to drop his next piece, hopefully next time he picks Amsterdam or New York City so we can put our hopes up for an interview.


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