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Indian dudes & gals making alternative/electronic

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We’re always on the hunt for new developments in music. This time we’re focussing on people with Indian roots that make alternative/electronic/hip-hop/soul/indie music. So who do we mean exactly with Indian? People relating to India or to the subcontinent comprising India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh (or one of their parents). Why? 3 reasons. Because there are so many good artist with Indian roots that make alternative, electronic, hip-hop, soul and indie. Because when I say ‘Indian dudes and gals making music’, your mind goes to Bollywood. And finally, because you’ve probably never heard of them. Good enough? We’ve gathered the status quo of Indian producers, dj’s, songwriters and artists below and we’ve added a special playlist that we will update regularly. Have fun and let us know who we are forgetting in this list. 

Ben_Khan (1)

Jai Paul (UK based) blowed us all away with his jasmine & BTSTU tracks. He collaborated with NAO and Miguel. Together with his brother A.K Paul a new sound was set and we’re still waiting for Jai’s highly anticipated album. Shortly after Ben Khan dropped his ’1992′ and ’1000′ EP’s full of electronic goodness and a genre awakes. His track ‘Savage’ and ‘Youth’ will blow your mind away. But let’s not forget Sandunes, a female producer/dj who creates psychedelic tunes with heavy bass lines like her track Mighty Protonic. Or _RHL  who’s based in Bangalore and creates dark and grimy beats and has been in the scene for years.


Also worth to mention is Queens based Anik Khan, with his 10 track hip-hop album Kites he “wants to be the kid that represents the immigrant story”. In an interview with Noisy he shares “I’m not the ‘brown, Bengali rapper.’ I’m a rapper from lower income housing in Queens that happens to be brown”. Shivum Sharma (singer songwriter from South London) is an Indie artist (mostly ballads) who you’ll going to appreciate just by listening to ‘Flicker’. Or how about Your Chin, an artist who also won the MTV Europe Award for best Indian Act. And finally, Sid Vashi, who explained in Creative India Mag where he finds his inspiration: ” Some of the best sounds I have captured have been in rural or remote India. Once, in a village in Rajasthan, I got a recording of a tractor sputtering an intense syncopated rhythm which ended up making a good hi hat.” We hope Sid will soon drop his album Azuma Kazuma on Spotify.


We’ve created a playlist that features these artists and more. Please let us know what you think and drop us a note if we’ve missed your favorite Indian (or half blood Indian) artist.

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