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Wang Ruilin is a Chinese artist who lives and creates in Beijing and shapes amazing artworks and sculptures that are inspired by our understanding of the world around us. We had a brief talk with Wang and he shared his true feelings and emotions about the inspiration behind his work. Ruilin: “These works are the denial of our current world and a depiction of an ideal one”. Enjoy his work below and find out more about his fascinating view on things in the interview.


Wang Ruilin about his work.

“The Ark series is the result of my most recent efforts. Infused with my true feelings and emotions, they send the message that life sustains nature. As I grew older with more life experience, I started to doubt what I used to learn. These works are the denial of our current world and a depiction of an ideal one. I oppose the self-centeredness of human beings and the ruthless exploitation of other species and natural resources. I seek harmony with the nature. Nature’s greatness lies in her inclusion of everything on earth, while man’s greatness lies in his perception of his own smallness. To find conformity to nature is my life attitude”. Find out more about Wang Ruilin’s work below”.

How does nature inspire you?

“Chinese believe the sky means the largest object (“under the sky” means all over the world), “sky” is nature – everything on earth. The sum of everything I see, hear and think, is the nature I talk about”.


What 3 things have you discovered this year, that in some way influenced you?

“First, my wife and I had our first baby at the beginning of this year and I became a father. The second thing is I saw a photo of the night earth from space. The third thing may have not yet happened”.


 You mentioned: “To find conformity to nature is your life attitude”, what do you mean by that?

“Try to accept all the thing destiny gave me, whatever good or bad. Do what I should do and what I want to do”.


What can we learn from nature?

“From nature, we can see how great it is, and how small we are, or should we say we can learn everything from nature, as we are just elements of nature”.

What’s the story behind the dreams series?

“The works are full of my lives and thinkings. Maybe it’s not an easy story to me…”


What does your work space look like?

“My wife and I are working and living in the studio in the suburb of Beijing. It is a ground piled up by household garbage, as it is not suitable for crops, people built factories and warehouses. We rented one warehouse and remodelled it into studio fit for working and living. There are always many other Chinese artists like us. All that we meet make us feel satisfying. However, we were worried that our studios in this area will be all torn down. This life has lasted for 4 years. Most of the creation processes were accomplished of joy and freedom”.


You mentioned you started to doubt everything you learned?
What did you doubt the most?

“My biggest doubt is the reality of the world. In my opinion, our understanding of ourselves is too subjective and egocentric”.


Find out more about Wang Ruilin’s work here.
Image courtesy of Wang Ruilin.

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