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The taable is an exciting multidisciplinary creative hub based in Jakarta, Indonesia who devoted themselves to art direction and photography. They are driven oddities in art and like to explore the boundaries of crazy. We wondered, why is Jakarta an interesting space and what inspires them to do what they do? We’ve asked founders Axel Oswith & Amanda Kusai all questions different. Read the full interview below.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

“We are the taable, a multidisciplinary creative hub based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our works focuses on art direction and photography.”

What is “The taable”? And how did you come up with the name?

“We actually derived the name from the literal word ‘table’, from our own experiences and observations we came to understand and believe that an exchange of great ideas and conversations happen when people gather around a table. The double letter a’s were representative to both our names (Amanda and Axel) and illustrative to our peculiarities of art and aesthetics, hence the name ‘The taable’.”

How did you two met and how did you got to work with each other?

“We went to the same University and took the same degree and major in the same year, but only met towards the last few semesters and became friends thanks to our shared obsession with mean girls (the movie).”



Axel & Amanda 


What aspires you to inspire the world with art and photography?

“We believe that art and photography births all that is positive into the lives of people, it allows us to be hopeful through the visual aesthetics that it represents, like a painting of a flower or a landscape that sits on a clear blue sky, etc. its beauty acts as an escape from reality filled with war, discrimination and conflicts that we are constantly surrounded by. Apart from that, it allows us to appreciate the small things in life, for example through the combination of play between colors and composition, who would’ve known that a simple still-life painting of a couple of fruits by Paul Cezanne would attract the attention of its viewers, making it worth a fortune. Demonstrates just how much simple everyday factors that we normally would take for granted can turn into a work of art appreciated by many.”


“ We believe that art and photography births all that is positive into the lives of people.”


The taable tries to capture and transform the ordinary, how?

“Through this notion we intend to emphasize the ordinary elements and factors we often take for granted and expose it in ways that bring the attention of viewers allowing for questioning and the simple joy of reintroducing its existence for appreciation.”

As for the portraits you make, the face is most of the time partially covered. What’s the thought behind this?

“For the perks of Anonymity we found that people find it more comfortable in expressing and opening themselves up to us.”

We heard you are planning to open a web shop when can we expect the launch and what will be sold?

“It will mostly be curated goods that we collaborated with other artists and designers, prints of our own on various media, and our book. We’re very excited it should launch towards the end of this year.”

With which artist would you like to collaborate with?

Amanda: “Maurizio Catellan, Anna Pinnock, Wes Anderson.”

Axel: “PES, Andrew B. Myers, Brock Davis.”


Soap Opera 


Can you describe eachothers personality, with 3 ordinary items?

Axel: “Goldfish, olive, looking glass.”

Amanda: “pills, ocean, play dough”

With the increase of digital photography how does this influence your work?

“We particularly like the fact mobile photography has brought for all of us, the simplicity and efficiency it offers. We like to use VSCOcam and Snapseed.”

Which piece of work has a fun memory to you? And which picture was hard to make / direct? And why?

“We had the most fun shooting the portrait with the octopus. The hardest picture we had to produce was the portrait with the plant coming out from the mouth as someone waters it, what made it difficult was for the model to keep his pose as the water pours down his already full mouth (incredibly sorry and hands down for our model for endure this). Directing kids was a challenge in our early days.

Indonesia has a rich cultural heritage of arts and crafts do you think the new generation of art makers still tries to intergrades this in todays modern art?

Pretty much so, we’ve noticed that today’s generation of artists and creatives in Indonesia aren’t afraid to explore, express and incorporate elements from their cultural heritage through their works. This can be seen through the works of creative company Heimlo Studio who designs patterns with illustrations of local cuisines to heritage sites in an interesting style.”



Cleaning Disorder 


How would you translate your culture heritage in your own vision?

“It’s definitely very rich and diverse from one region to the other, making it a great source for learning grounds that we can enrich from and inspire into our own. One of the things that we admire from the Indonesian culture comes from the use of colors and how it plays an important part in conveying certain meanings and stories. This is incorporated throughout the Local art and design as well as handy-crafts such as that present in Indonesian batik, architecture and etc. We take this knowledge and always try to implement it in our own, to communicate certain messages.”

What notable things are happening in the creative Indonesia’s creative scene?

“We are seeing more appreciation for the art and design industry in Indonesia, there is a trend towards contemporary arts and its application in advertising.”



Eggs and Legs 


What kind of new projects can we expect from the Taable in the near future?

“We are developing collaborative projects with product designer and also have a book coming our way this year.”

Who should we interview next?

Axel: “PES – how he goes about producing scenes.”

Amanda: “Alexander Gandar – particularly loved this video he directed (Watercolours – Pazzida).”



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